A New Muscle Bodysuit Known As The Mollii Suit

I previously attended the NEC at Birmingham for the Therapy Expo, when I see two men wearing funny suits, which left me rather intrigued. They called it the ‘Mollii Suit’ and went on to explain that a little electricity passes through the suit, to the body, to the central nervous system to help with muscle therapy.

I thought “ok, show me” of which they showed me various videos, but I was still sceptical. However, the creators, Richard from England and Jorgen from Sweden said that as I was offering neuro rehab physiotherapy to clients, they would be willing to show me the suits on my patients. So I eventually got to give them a try myself in April 2016.

How Does The Mollii Suit Work?

The suit is made up of a long-sleeved, and tight-fitting top and matching trousers, again tight fitting. There is a little computer that sits against your tummy, which is set so certain muscle groups that need increased or decreased movement are activated. The suit takes around an hour to charge and once charged, you should feel and see immediate improvements.

How We Have Used The Mollii Suit For Cerebral Palsy & Other Conditions

In my tests, I have found that the suit may not work for everyone, but in the majority of cases, it has been a success. If there is an improvement and you wish to own one, you, unfortunately, need to purchase it yourself as it is not currently available on the NHS. It has been designed to last for a minimum of 2 years and you will need to wear it every other day to get the maximum benefits.

Mollii Suit Reviews & Prices

I have held two clinics in 2016 (April and October) and hope to run another one very soon. I strongly believe that this suit can slow down the symptoms of a progressive disease or improve symptoms of neurological diseases; strokes, MS, spinal cord injuries, CP, etc. Unfortunately, it is not a cure, but it can certainly help you on the road to recovery, making life that bit more acceptable.

For more information and prices, visit their website www.remotion.co.uk or get in touch with us and we can talk you through the benefits for your individual situation as well as give further advice on how to improve mobility in elderly.

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