Exercise Classes For Seniors In Birmingham

Here at Miranda Physio Steps we are dedicated to providing a helping hand to those people who have issues with their mobility and require rehabilitation. One particular treatment that we have created is our new exercise classes for those people with reduced mobility.

These exercise classes are held at our specially designed venue in Solihull, where we have designed a class that is ideal for anyone, including senior citizens, who needs a helping hand to get back on their feet.

The team within our practice have a specific level of expertise meaning that they are able to offer senior support not only on the physiotherapy side of rehabilitation but also provide support for other aspects of recovery.

Exercise Classes Summary

When: The group runs every Tuesday between 11am and 12pm,
and every Thursday from the 5th January 2017
Time: between 1:45pm and 2:45pm
Cost: £5 per person
Where: Park View, Monks Path Hall Road, Solihull B91 3LU

Exercise Classes

With our understanding of the range of factors that can impair the mobility of the elderly or less abled, we are able to help with many different issues that surround disabilities with our exercise classes. Diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson Disease, Stroke or Dystrophies are just some of the diseases that can affect mobility; these issues can be identified and eased during our fantastic exercise classes. They have also been designed so that we are able to provide support for those who are recovering from surgery, have experienced pain whilst moving or those that have a lack of confidence after a fall.

These fun yet incredibly beneficial exercise classes are held every Tuesday between 11am and 12pm, and every Thursday from the 5th January 2017 between 1:45pm and 2:45pm. The cost for each class is ¬£5 per person on a pay-as-you-go basis with no admin or cancellation fees.

Everyone is welcome, including partners and carers and all we ask is that you complete a Consent and Registration Form prior to your first class.

We have disabled access, parking and toilets available at our premises making sure that it is easy for all to join the group in our specially designed exercise groups.

So come along, have some fun and get a smile firmly on your face whilst we help you to get back on your feet! Remember: disabled does not mean unable!

If you want to know more about the services and exercise groups that Miranda Physio Steps are able to offer you, then please get in touch. We are experts in the field of rehabilitation and are happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Our contact details are:
Miranda Baretto
Neurological Physiotherapist
Tel: 0121 7443576
Mob: 07544 045685
email: contact@mirandasphysiosteps.com

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you take those tentative steps towards better health, better mobility and of course better peace of mind.

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