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Neuro physiotherapy can help people with MS/CP/MND/Parkinson/Strokes/Neuropathy/Spinal Cord injuries/Brain/Spinal tumours and so much more. We try to encourage the nervous system to work to its maximum to keep strength/sensation/balance/coordination/posture/flexibility as long as possible or improve as much as possible. This is often done with high repetition of exercise and hard work of yourself.

We make a special treatment plan for each person as all impairments / disabilties / abilites are different and every person unique as are their surroundings. We are aiming for ‘normal movements” and often start with the core/trunk as they decide a lot how we can move arms and legs.

Elderly Rehabilitation; with increasing of age we all struggle a little more with balance, strength, flexibility and general stamina. Specially after a fall / fracture / infections or after been in hospital for a while. Confidence goes quickly with the fysical weakness. We can help you to get this back with exercise specially set out for you.

Exercise class; We started this class beginning of 2016 and we really enjoy doing this as do our clients. Its mainly seated and we have on both days very mixed groups. Different neurological problems, different severities of the problems, male / female, our youngest is 28 and oldest 81 and anything in between. A lot of carers joining in the group. Our main aim is that the movement is fun. You pay 5 pounds per session. No administration of membership cost. I will ask you to fill some paperwork when you start.

Our class is held at Park View on Tuesdays (11.00am-12.00pm) and Thursdays (1.45pm-2.45pm)

Request a call back via 0121 7443576 / 0121 4593535 or with your name and number and we will get back to you asap. Weekend and out of hours appointments on request.

To find out more about neurological problems, take a read of our article: what are neurological problems?

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