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Rehab For Neurological Problems And General Rehab For The Elderly

Welcome to Miranda's Physio Steps

A specialist in Physiotherapy for the elderly, running neuro physiotherapy classes in Birmingham and Solihull. Setup and run by neurological physiotherapist Miranda Baretto in 2010, Miranda delivers rehab/neuro physio in Solihull/Birmingham. Also running classes at  Parkview in Solihull for less abled in the widest sense of the word.

Rehabilitation for Elderly and Neurology

Neuro physiotherapy can help people with MS / CP / MND / Parkinson / Strokes / Neuropathy / Spinal Cord Injuries / Brain / Spinal Tumours and so much more.

Exercise Classes

Here at Miranda Physio Steps we are dedicated to providing a helping hand to those people who have issues with their mobility and require rehabilitation.  

Physio For The Elderly In Your Own Environment

If you are looking for a neurological physiotherapist but worried about getting to and from our location, then there is no need to worry. You don’t have to be concerned about transport, parking, getting in and out of the car and the traffic. We can therefore observe you in your own environment so we can identify any neurological problems we can assist you with. This can be in a nursing home, residential home or you own home. But we are also happy to have one of our neurological physiotherapists see you in a gym, swimming pool or the outdoors.

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