A stroke can affect the whole body. This can be keeping your head up, keeping it in the middle or you might not know or feel where the middle of your body is; you might not able to sit independently.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Stroke?

Sufferers of strokes will find that their arm and/or leg can be really heavy and not working at all or just a little. Their limbs might feel really numb or some people feel pins and needles; your arm can be that heavy that it drags your whole body down and can give you pain. Some people also get really tight muscles, called spasms.

Stroke Rehabilitation Physiotherapy

carer helping a stroke patient

Physiotherapy can be an important part of the rehabilitation to gain maximum movement and strength, core stability and balance, after suffering from a stroke. As neuro physiotherapists, we understand the damage a stroke can cause and we try to reduce the impact the stroke has on your body and well being.

We work on the base of neuroplasticity, relearning, making new pathways so you regain movements you need for an improvement of your quality of life. We can also give advice to your family/friends and carers on how to help you to move, how to sit/stand and/or walk.

Our neuro rehab physiotherapy service can start as little as 24 hours after your stroke and will encourage you to get up as quick as possible. We also are very keen to prevent problems a stroke can give, such as loss of range of movements, pain and spasms.

It is important that you can be involved in your therapy as much as possible. Learning to change your position in lying or sitting is very important to reduce stiffness and the risk of a pressure sore. If you are medically stable the Nice guidelines recommend 45 minutes per day. From experience working in the NHS and now privately with the NHS, this does not happen.

What Recovery Times Can Be Expected?

Most people improve initially very quickly in the first couple of weeks. After 3 months, it starts slowing down and your brain will need to be challenged. The brain cells which are damaged by the stroke will not grow back but other parts of your brain can take over. It is like learning a language; high repetition and in many different ways.

It is a hard and long journey but we see improvement over many years. You might want to write down how you are now and where you are aiming for; small short term goals which make up your long term goals.

For information on strokes, how we can help with stroke recovery or exercise classes for seniors, call us today on 0121 7443576.

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