What Our Customers Say

Nicky Thomas

BA (Hons), BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy, MCSP

As an NHS physiotherapist myself, I have to admit to being a little sceptical when my partner was offered private physio sessions following his stroke; however within 5 minutes of meeting Miranda my scepticism was completely gone. Her knowledge and handling skills are incredible but beyond that, she is so positive and motivational. The change in my partner has been amazing even after a few sessions- not only is he up out of his wheelchair and taking steps but he has a new outlook on what he is able to achieve. He has begun to tackle lots of new skills thanks to the self-belief which Miranda and her team have given him and, as for me, (the often forgotten carer) she has provided me with real support and kindness which has been invaluable.

I cannot speak too highly of the input we have had, it has been truly life-changing at a time when everything seemed to have come to a stop. We now feel that we can make real progress and move towards a brighter future.


Retired Headteacher


Miranda Baretto stands out as a consummate professional, for whom nothing is too much trouble. Without her persistence and determination I would be in much more difficult place than I am now (I am a 67 year old MS patient and Miranda has looked after me for two and a half years). She writes to my Consultant Neurologist when she is worried about something, she had me referred to the FES clinic which has completely transformed my life. She is exceptionally knowledgeable about neurological conditions.

She has developed a routine for my exercises and work out on my leg which has kept me mobile. She puts an extraordinary amount of energy and commitment into keeping me as mobile as I can be.

Nothing is too much trouble for her.

As well as the physical side, she has an outstanding understanding of the psychological ups and downs of a MS patient. She is able to support, challenge and guide a patient through these. She always strikes the right register.

It is very rare to find someone of Miranda’s level of knowledge, skill and commitment, which are exceptional. I cannot imagine life without Miranda.

Dr F


I never knew what to expect of my Physiotherapist. However, from our first encounter, her gentle approach and bedside mannerism was impeccable of which had shaped my perception throughout my treatment, reassuring and comforting me to continue my physiotherapy sessions.

Personally my Physiotherapist had made a positive impact on my experience in my home environment, coping skills and social supports. Her assessment of functional mobility, her provision of exercises, advice and hands-on-treatment, as well as her involvement in organizing follow-up or referral to other services on my behalf went way beyond the call of her duty. Regardless of my good or bad days I always feel empowered to carry on with my Physiotherapy treatment to improve my mobility.

Thank you.

Recent Results Of Our Customer Questionaire

We recently asked some of our lovely customers to complete a satisfaction questionnaire. We were so pleased with the answers, that we simply had to publish them here for all to see:

  • We have been encouraged to carry on our (according to our clients) excellent service
  • Our overall rating was 9 or 10
  • Our rating during Covid was 8/9/10
  • Our clients all felt safe during our physio sessions in 2020/2021
  • Our clients feel that 1:1 sessions are excellent value for money
  • Most of our clients would like to go back to our “live” classes (which are starting 7th of May 2021). Although, quite a few of our clients would like to carry on with our virtual classes too, which we will sort out
  • Many clients missed the social aspect of the classes
  • About half of our clients would be interested in a specialised gym. We are looking for a permanent base for this, however, it might take a while as “demands” are high
  • We are not changing anything as none of our clients wanted us to change


We have had lovely comments such as:

“best physio we ever had, professional, reliable, great service, nothing too much trouble, punctual”

We would like to thank all our clients for their loyal custom, their kind words and staying well this last year!


Final thoughts from Miranda:

“I would like to personally thank Fiona, Jo, Michelle and my right and left hand and foot Lisa to stay with me despite the year of fear, uncertainty and pressure. I am very lucky to work with great physios and to have amazing, lovely patients.

We will continue to work hard and do our best to get the best out of you. As one of our patients would say: near enough is not good enough.”


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