Mrs M and I met in December 2013 after she suffered a stroke and was in need of stroke treatment. This had left her with a severe right side weakness of her arm and her leg. Also her trunk was very weak. Luckily her speech and understanding was intact. She was in very good health and was leading a full mobile life before her stroke. She was physically and emotionally in a very dark place.

When I met her she was using a standing hoist. She was sleeping in a hospital bed. She had carers to help her doing the simple things in life we take all so for granted. Due to her paralysis this was not possible independently anymore and was in need of physio for stroke.

She started the Physiotherapy for Stroke in relationship with the Solihull NHS hospital. Her stroke treatment started with standing, alignment of the body, extension of the trunk, pelvic tilts. She responded beautifully and slowly as she was getting ready for probably one of the biggest challenges of her life. Becoming a stroke survivor and not a victim.

She is now walking with a stick independently indoors. She is able to go up and down the stairs with a bannister. She is able to walk outside with a stick or a three wheeler. This summer she managed to walk half a mile independently. She is now independent when going to the toilet, she is able to shower herself and needs minimal assistance with getting dressed from her husband. She is sleeping in a normal bed and has not used her wheelchair for months.

The physio for stroke treatments have been in her living room, kitchens, stairs, on the grass, crossing roads and even the park. She has been treated sitting, standing, lying on the bed and even on the floor. In her stroke treatments, we have used different techniques. Basic physiotherapy exercises, functional exercises, resistance, coordination exercises, balance. We have used a Saebo glove and she is using Functional Electrical Stimulation guided by Selly Oak Hospital Birmingham NHS, as part of her Physiotherapy for Stroke.

Despite being nearly 2 years since her stroke, she is still improving although slower then she and I want. Her arm was completely paralysed but movement is now slowly coming back.

It is hard work for Mrs. M but I am very grateful to her and her supportive family to have given me the opportunity to work with her and being part of her new life as a survivor.

Words From Our Client

“I suffered a stroke in November 2014 at the age of 72 years old. I was in hospital for about 4 weeks. The stroke left me with no use in the right side of my body. When i returned home I had the good fortune of being introduced to Miranda Baretto (Neuro Physio).

At this time I was in a very dark place because having previously being able to live a very full, happy and active life enjoying yoga, gardening, tai chi, walking and socialising with family and friends. I was reduced to being unable to do anything for myself-even to sit up unaided. Miranda understood from day one my needs, both emotionally and physically and inspired me with kindness, love humour and expertise to begin to live again.

After 20 months of treatment I am now able to walk, wash, clean my teeth, dress and undress, do some light housework and get in and out of the car. My body has taken on a fitness I did not think I would ever achieve again. As an example, I enjoyed a long walk with Miranda in the local park. I am now far less emotional and able to socialise with family and friends.

I am in this situation because of inspiring treatment I have received from her over this time and still improving. In my opinion I would not have made this progress without her inspirational professional teaching and her kindness and sensitivity.”

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