Christmas is over and 2020 has officially started. For some of us good and for some of us, not so good. January is here and we have to make the best of it which can be very tough when your body lets you down due to a stroke, spinal cord injury, MS, Parkinson’s, or any other similar conditions.

Stroke Association Organises A Resolution Run

On the 29th of March 2020, the Stroke Association will be organising a Resolution Run in Redditch.

I and my family have taken part in this run myself a couple of years ago, together with our administrator Lisa and her family. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and something that I would advise to anyone.

Also, a lovely patient of ours who survived a stroke ran the 5km, along with his children who managed the mighty 15km. The run took part on his actual birthday and before we set off, we all sang Happy Birthday to him. It was a very emotional and proud time for us all, knowing that his stroke never got the better of him. I am pleased to say that he completed the 5km and with a very impressive time too!

New Patients Taking Up The Challenge

This year, we have two of our patients who are going to take up the Resolution Run challenge.

We have one lady who, over 2 years ago, was fighting for her life as she was operated on for a brain tumour and was sadly struck by a stroke soon afterwards. I have worked with her on a one-to-one basis at home and she has worked extremely hard to be where she is now. She is going to attempt the 5km run – she has only just started running so she may need to walk for some of it. But, I have full confidence in her and know she will do it, which makes me immensely proud and I cannot wait to see her coming over the finish line!

Our other gentlemen suffered from a brain injury. He has been coming to my class for less abled for a couple of years now and against all odds, he is still slowly improving due to his great determination (and a bit of that luck that we all need in life). He always gives more than 100% and he rarely ever misses a class.

He is already managing to walk 0.8km, so he is going to attempt to walk 1km with his walker on run day. However, he has been doing so well that I might need to persuade him to do the 5km. I am very proud that he has taken the challenge on as, yes physically he has his impairments, but he struggles also with the invisible symptoms of a brain injury, which in his case is visual problems and dizziness. But, despite this, he still is going to give it a go.

Little Steps Equal Bigger Results

We do believe with the right guidance, a strong body and mind, and hard work it is amazing to see our far our patients go. Sometimes it can be a 1km walk, a stand with help, or reaching from your chair to pick up a remote control. No matter the situation, little steps can make your quality of life so much better and easier.

I am really looking forward to being a part of this year’s Resolution Run and would love the opportunity to see more of you there too. For more information on the run or to join in yourself, visit their website, email or call 0300 330 0740.

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