Words From A Client: Why I Will Never Be A Great Writer

Why I will never be a great writer.

It’s taken me a long time to work it out, but I think I now know why I’ll never be a great writer.  It’s because, for my first eighty years at least, my life has been too happy, too comfortable; I haven't suffered enough.

It could have been different; it started quite promisingly.  I’m told, and I assume someone has done the research, that being an only child helps.  I was an only child.  Moreover, I was an only adopted child and that must be a plus.

Physio Therapy Treatment For Cerebral Palsy

Physiotherapy is all about improving and maintaining movement, and that’s why it’s a treatment that is very useful to people with cerebral palsy. Movement can become limited for people suffering from this condition if the proper treatment, including physiotherapy, is not provided. In the medical world, physiotherapy is considered to be one of the best methods of treating cerebral palsy, and the results back that up.

The Aims of Physiotherapy Treatment

Physiotherapy and Stroke Symptoms

A stroke can effect your whole body. This can be keeping your head up, keeping it in the middle or you might not know or feel where the middle of your body is; you might not able to sit independently.

Stroke Symptoms

Sufferers of strokes will find that their arm and/or leg can be really heavy and not working at all or just a little. Their limbs might feel really numb or some people feel pins and needles; your arm can be that heavy that it drags your whole body down and can give you pain. Some people also get really tight muscles, called spasms.

Mollii Suit

I previously attended the NEC at Birmingham for the Therapy Expo, when I see two men wearing funny suits, which left me rather intrigued. They called it the 'Mollii Suit' and went on to explain that a little electricity passes through the suit, to the body, to the central nervous system to help with muscle therapy. I thought "ok, show me" of which they showed me various videos, but I was still sceptical. However, the creators, Richard from England and Jorgen from Sweden said they would be willing to show me the suits on my patients.

Client Case Study: October 2015 - Physiotherapy for Parkinsons Disease

I met Mr. D in January 2015 in our outpatient department in Kings Norton Birmingham. He just had the devastating news that he had Parkinson's.

He had several problems:

  • Frozen shoulder with a pain due to very poor arm swing.
  • Tremor in mainly his left hand.
  • Unable to get out of the bath.
  • Unable to be a referee for his football club.
  • Feeling anxious and low.

Physiotherapy for Parkinsons Disease

Client Case Study: July 2015 - Physiotherapy for Stroke

Mrs M and I met in December 2013 after she suffered a stroke and was in need of stroke treatment. This had left her with a severe right side weakness of her arm and her leg. Also her trunk was very weak. Luckily her speech and understanding was intact. She was in very good health and was leading a full mobile life before her stroke. She was physically and emotionally in a very dark place.

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