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I studied physiotherapy in Eindhoven School of Physiotherapy, the Netherlands. I worked as a junior in the Netherlands and then for the British Army in Germany before coming to England in 1997 and working for the NHS and in the private sector. Since 2010 I have started my own physiotherapy practice.

I deliver exercise class at the Stroke Club in Solihull and have close links with Different Strokes, Solihull.

I have extensive expertise in the Bobath technique, postural neuro-facilitation (PNF), motor relearning, general rehabilitation and function electrical stimulation (FES).

My philosophy to the successful therapy of elderly patients and those with neurological problems is a holistic approach with close collaboration and communication with family, friends, carers and other health care professionals. This is the aspect of my work that I find most rewarding.

We are very happy to work with both local NHS organisations and private care providers either as lead therapists or complimentary to other professionals.

Since 2014 I have great support from Jo and Michelle who have extensive neurology and elderly care experience. They also have excellent communication skills. I get a weekly update from all the patients and we will discuss problems/potential/progress. I am very proud and happy that they took the challenge on to work with me.


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